Architectural Projects

Studio III Project III: Single Family Residence

In December 2021, I designed my first house for the last project of the semester. I drew inspiration for my design based off of vernacular architecture.

After preliminary research on different global vernaculars, including Icelandic Turf houses, Filipino Nipa huts, and South African Rondavels: I decided to base my design off of the New Orleanian Shotgun House. Adapting to the hot and humid climate of the region, the shotgun houses developed long and narrow forms, that acts as a natural, cross ventilating system, funneling air through the house when the doors and windows open. Since most vernacular buildings adapt and live through their local climates, they are very efficient and do not require the same expense and management as modern cooling and heating systems. This lead to my design intent: How can incorporating ventilating systems from vernacular architecture provide natural ventilation and lower utility costs?

**More past works coming soon**

        Last updated: December 2023